Centre for Skill Development Programs (CSDP)

The main purpose, aim and objectives of the CSDP is to Save, Promote and Build a promising career of the next generation underprivileged youth of deprived areas with right skills for Employability and Entrepreneurship. It is assisting in placements and career progression, as well as encouraging start-ups besides providing industry interface for identifying and promoting the right skill sets appropriate to industry.

CSDP will provide a range effective of skill development programs and prepare youth for a future leadership career in academic, business, industry, third sector or government.

CSDP aim to help youth and students to train and gain the valuable skills they need to improve and develop their job prospects.

CSDP provide youth with the opportunity to tailor a skills programme to meet their future objectives, but also provide youth with the chance to be part of a wider community.

CSDP focus on the all-round skill development programs for every beneficiary at the centre. The CSDP operates on-site and remote programs in the underdeveloped rural and urban areas. The CSDP projects are  start from Sindh, Pakistan.

CSDP offers to Higher Education Institution globally to organise and sponsor various workshops, seminars, short-courses,  lecturers, trainings, research conferences, exhibitions and events for youth and students at the venues of the  universities and colleges  of underdeveloped regions

CSDP offer professional, certified and accredited training programs in the state-of-art, modern and advanced innovative next generation fields of:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and software Engineering
  • IT and ICT
  • Architecture
  • Business studies and management
  • Social Sciences
  • Art and design
  • Etc

CSDP provide knowledge-based information, accredited and certified professional qualifications, short courses, series of lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings and events about basic, fundamentals and advanced scientific fields.

CSDP provide various programs aim to acknowledge the ability of the youth and students and extend their support by serving them with proper advice, guidance, infrastructure, opportunities, and encouragement that help them achieve their ambitions and career goals.

CSDP aim to provide a strong framework and environment to create a pool of skilled youth who can gainfully employed and ern a dignified living with the rig skill sets.

Methodology of the knowledge transfer are:

CSDP provide following methodology for knowledge-based services for on-site and remote rural locations:

  • Counselling of youth and students and their families on the importance of skill development
  • Provide assistance for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Provide career advice
  • Provide advice and guidance and mentoring for Personal and Professional Development
  • Entrepreneurship Developments
  • Provide advice, guidance, and support for study abroad, Scholarships and overseas job opportunities.
  • Provide Professional, certified, and accredited industry-linked trainings, short-courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, events, and exhibitions on next generation advanced fields.
  • Preparation for sustainable Professional Development Plan
  • Improving knowledge share and collaboration
  • Establishing routes for business development and enterprise
  • Create, establish and improve self-employment opportunities
  • Advancement and Solutions for further Educational Development.
  • Preparing youth and student to grow professional skills for Interview, CV-writing.
  • Training programs for institutes, colleges, and industryies
  • CSDP prepares youth and students to build careers and assists them with job placements.
  • Placement and internship opportunities for youth and students who have completed training course.

On successful completion of course (excellent attendance and progression) the participant can apply to receive a certificate from IEF International Academy, London, UK

 CSDP courses:

CSDP prepares youth and students to build careers and assists them with job placements.

CSDP runs skill trainings for  unemployed and under privileged youth of underdeveloped and deprived regions of Sindh, Pakistan.   CSDP has a wide range of career focus courses to choose from:

CSDP has a wide range of career focus certificate courses to choose from. The courses include:

| Web Application Development

| Management | Leadership | Accounts & Finance | Operation & Supply-chain Management,

| Information Technology | Human Resources | Data Sciences | Retail Management and Communication Skills | Mobile Apps| Game Development | Web Development |Business

| Photography | Social Media Management | English Communication | Preparing for Future

| Entrepreneurship | Digital Literacy

All courses are followed -up by an interactive Group Project Work

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