Centre of excellence for advanced studies and offshore research (CEASR)

Based on the information, there is an extreme desire of most brilliant young minds and talented young people: Fresh graduates and young students from the underdeveloped regions of the developing countries to pursue higher education and career in the most advanced scientific and technological fields. These young people/students have lack of understanding, knowledge, information and awareness about most advanced scientific and technological fields and have no experience to conduct advanced research.

The aims and objectives of the CEASR is to create, develop understanding, knowledge and awareness about most advanced, demanding and innovative scientific fields of study and research for the young people: Fresh graduates, university and college students.

CEASR provide knowledge-based information, accredited and certified professional qualifications, short courses, series of lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings and events about basic, fundamentals of advanced fields of

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science and software Engineering
  • IT and ICT
  • Architecture
  • Business studies and management
  • Social Sciences
  • Etc

CEASR will run its programs in collaboration with the leading international universities, educational institution, and research centres. The programs will be delivered in cooperation with distinguished foreign faculty, industrial experts and in collaboration with international educational foundations.

In order to enhance research skills, prepare and train the students for their future academic/industry assignments  CEASR also aim to establish state-of-the-art and modern research laboratories and research facilities in the universities of underdeveloped region funded by international research foundations and other donor organisations. CEASR help supports educational institutions with developing internal research capabilities.

CEASR will organise academic conferences, research conferences, Hi-Tech exhibitions and events in the universities of underdeveloped regions.

We are committed to work in partnership with Universities and Colleges from across the globe and make every effort to support them in creating and sustaining an environment for studies and research where innovation and excellence are achieved at the highest level.

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