IEF has a partnership with Sindh Education Foundation abbreviated as SEF, operating 09 schools in various locations of district Matiari. In SAS, IEF leading 05 schools entailing of 04 primary schools and 01 elementary schools.

Through the Sindh Education Foundation Assisted Schools (SAS) program, SEF is extending financial as well as technical support to 05 newly established as well as existing private schools across the 04 Taluka. The Foundation receives a per-child subsidy for children from ages 05 to 10 years enrolled in the SAS–IEF schools. IEF has following 05 schools under this program working with a minimum enrolment of 1230 children in them as shown in table2. Around 35 teachers have been hired under this program to provide quality of education to those children in SAS-IEF Schools. Major success is that despite funding gap, IEF’s management is able to continue the education of those children without any interruption on a regular basis.

S.No Name of School 2016 2017 2018 2019
01 Indus Elementary School Sultan Farash 100 180 230 300
02 Indus Primary School Sommar Keerio 97 130 190 250
03 Indus Primary School Bhado Saedabad 120 150 170 200
04 Indus Primary School Muhammad Khan Hajano 87 120 180 250
05 Indus Primary School Khanoth 95 130 180 230
Grand Total 499 710 950 1230

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